Covid-19 Interim Measures by Health Canada

The current health emergency, caused by Covid-19, has many companies re-configuring their set-ups, and stepping up with necessary products to help in the fight against this deadly flu. Hand sanitizers, masks and ventilators are just a few products in high demand.  

MCSI has over 40 years’ experience with Health Canada regulations for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and natural health products. We can assist in the process of approval in a timely way, allowing you to focus on getting these products where most needed.  

Health Canada has taken interim measures to expedite the licensing process. As a long standing member of the CHFA (Canadian Health Food Association) we are sharing their notice regarding hand sanitizers and the expedited NPN requirements here:  

Please note – our physical offices are closed, but we are fully capable of assistance on-line.  

Further Measures Taken by Health Canada to Increase Supply of Hand Sanitizers 

In addition to measures shared with you last week, in light of the high demand and urgent need for disinfectants and hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Canada is taking additional measures to expedite consumer access to these products.

Hand sanitizers are regulated as either natural health products (NHPs) or non-prescription drugs, and require pre-market authorization from Health Canada before they are sold. Normally, companies wishing to manufacture, package, label or import these products require a site or drug establishment licence in order to do so. However, as an interim measure, domestic companies that do not currently have a site licence (SL), but are capable of producing hand sanitizers will be issued a site licence under an interim process.

More information on the interim process to obtain an SL can be found here. Those interested in more information on obtaining market authorization for these products can contact the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate at