Companies trust our regulatory capabilities as well as value our expertise in the functional food and nutraceutical areas.

  • Product concept and regulatory label design
  • Ingredient review
  • Allowable claims
  • Functional foods
  • Advertising review
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Government liaison and strategy
  • Compliance issues for food supplements and medical foods

Cost Sharing program for Exporting U.S. food companies:

For any U.S. food companies looking to export their products to Canada, you know that it can be a daunting task that may cause you to rethink your expansion into the Canadian market. Expenses such as reworking labels to adhere to Canadian regulations, marketing costs, freight costs for samples, and attending trade expositions can present hurdles that are insurmountable for some U.S. food companies. This is no longer the case, with the help of the State Regional Trade Groups (SRTG’s). The SRTG’s are four regional, non-profit organizations that serve to offset many of the costs involved with exporting your food products.

This cost-sharing is known as the Branded Program, and offers exporting companies money for label conversion, websites, toll-free phone numbers, international trade exhibitions, overseas trade missions, and point-of-sale promotions, marketing and more. The Branded Program could make the difference between having to stay in your local market, or expanding your products into the Canadian market and beyond.

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